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Part of an Innovation Forum for Autodesk University, this project is intended to crowdsource inspiration and ideas about how to improve healthcare access for the uninsured. It looks at large scale free health clinics as the opportunity area and ask how might the experience of these events be improved.

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November 13, 2012
Initial Popup Clinic Ideas and Inspirations

Some cool ideas and ispirations around popup clinics have been coming through via HCD Connect, Facebook, and email. Here are some of them. There's one week left to this challenge and we still need more input. So please share your ideas and opinions!

November 07, 2012
Join the Autodesk Challenge to Improve the Healthcare Experience for the Uninsured

Have a great idea about how popup health clinics can help underserved rural populations in the US and abroad? Join 2011-12 Fellow Liz Ogbu in a crowdsourced brainstorming session right here on HCD Connect as we use the human-centered design process to improve the healthcare experience for the uninsured.

October 01, 2012
Improving the healthcare experience for the uninsured

Large scale free health clinics provide annual healthcare access for thousands in the U.S. Yet, occuring in spaces meant for other uses means there's much room for improvement. How might we improve the patient experience at these clinics?